Teams Integration

Make and receive calls
without interruption from within Teams.

your Teams

your Teams

· Connect your MS Teams with a full-featured PBX.

· Evaluate agent performance with call reporting.

· No Teams-compatible handsets required. Use any IP Phone.

· Direct Routing.

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Why should I choose
Ringaro and not other sellers?

Ringaro Telecom offers a comprehensive communication solution with robust features built on SIP network architecture, ensuring versatile communication options. It excels in scalability, reliability, and redundancy, boasting a 99.999% service level guarantee. Ringaro’s cost-effective per-seat pricing allows flexible growth, and their neutral platform offers telco flexibility and automation. Overall, Ringaro stands out for its feature-rich, dependable, and cost-efficient telecom services.

Why do I need the Teams
Connector for my business?

Why do I need the Teams
Connector for my business?

You need the Teams Connector to optimize your business communication. It empowers Microsoft Teams with advanced calling capabilities, making it an invaluable tool for handling professional calls. This integration simplifies your workflow and ensures efficient communication within and outside your organization. It’s especially useful if you want to impress clients with your professional communication setup.

What is the
Teams Connector?

The Teams Connector is a specialized tool that enhances the functionality of Microsoft Teams. It acts as a bridge between Microsoft Teams and your phone system, enabling seamless integration. Think of it as a smart adapter that allows Teams to work as a sophisticated business phone system, complete with advanced calling features.

Here are some noteworthy features offered
by our Microsoft Teams integration

Integrated Communication Services for your business

your calling
with Ringaro
& Microsoft

Enter Ringaro's Integration for MS Teams. Ringaro seamlessly merges with Microsoft Teams, enabling you to conduct high-quality calls within your familiar Teams environment. The setup process is straightforward and only requires your MS Teams license

Microsoft Teams enjoys widespread popularity, but when it comes to making calls, nearly 85% of Teams users opt for alternative phone systems. What drives this choice? The key lies in the significance of call quality, particularly for external calls and business contacts. Teams' calling plans frequently fall short in terms of capabilities, call excellence, and support, especially as businesses outgrow the basic package

By opting for Ringaro, you can enhance your MS Teams investment with the industry's premier business phone service. The integration is user-friendly and provides access to Ringaro's cutting-edge cloud phone capabilities directly within Microsoft Teams.

Enjoy a seamless Teams environment.

Gain in-depth insights with comprehensive call data.

Manage calls effectively within Teams.

Simple configuration and management.

No need for additional apps, extensions, or extensive training.

Keep tabs on your call history.

Works across various platforms, including apps, browsers, and mobile devices.

Record calls securely and efficiently.

Access voicemail features with added functionality.