QOS is the foundation of VoIP communication, ensuring reliable and clear voice calls. It acts as a traffic cop for data packets, prioritizing voice data for uninterrupted, interference-free transmission. By giving voice packets top priority, QOS eliminates call drops, voice distortion, and delays, ensuring crystal-clear VoIP conversations.

Low latency and minimal packet loss are essential for seamless VoIP communication. Low latency means minimal delay, allowing instant voice transmission. Minimal packet loss ensures complete voice messages without missing parts. Together, they deliver frustration-free, real-time VoIP communication.

Dual WAN provides network redundancy and load balancing but requires manual configuration, lacking dynamic path selection and advanced traffic optimization. On the other hand, SD-WAN offers centralized control, application-based routing, dynamic path selection, enhanced security, cloud connectivity, and automation, making it a more comprehensive solution for modern businesses.