A PRI is a connection that allows your business to have 23 simultaneous calls. There are no phone lines or restriction on the number of phone numbers you can have. Legacy phone systems(PBX) had PRI cards that allowed for this type of connection.  Current technology allows for a VoIP to PRI connection using a special piece of hardware allowing for the Virtual PRI.

Features and benefits of using a Virtual PRI are that a customer can use their existing phone system(PBX) and save the cost of purchasing telephones and related hardware. By using the existing phone system their is a cost savings and no new training envolved.



Grown here in the LA market, our team of VoIP experts will help you convert your existing phone service over to the VoIP world. We have combined 20 plus years in the hosted VoIP market, working with our clients to provided a smooth transition to save customers on their existing monthly phone expenses or add more features by providing a feature rich design.

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