SAVE money on your business telephone/internet bill!

Why switch your phones to VoIP?

VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, is a modern take on conventional phone services. Most businesses take their time in adopting new technology, so the question becomes why should your company do it? With VoIP, your company is guaranteed to save money, while getting better features with better quality.

Hosted VoIP Saves Businesses Money

Traditional phone lines are being phased out by the major carriers as they are becoming harder and harder to maintain. VoIP uses the Internet as the transport mechanism for phone calls. A good internet will provide good VoIP services.

Cost savings are realized at approximately 2 to 4 months as the customer need only purchase new handsets. Usual monthly savings are approximately 30% over traditional phone systems. Some monthly VoIP programs offer free handsets for specific terms, saving customers 100% of upfront handset purchases. We also offer competitive broadband and fiber solutions.

New and Old features supported

All of the traditional call system features you expect: Call hold, call transfer, call park, caller ID.
Plus new features such as: iOS and Android App and Web Phone allowing you to take your business phone with you on-the-go, Voicemail to e-mail, auto-attendant menus, remote users to allow employees to work from home or different states, call center app to manage inbound/outbound calls, call hunting, conference calling, multiple simultaneous calls, follow me, eFax, 1-800, local numbers, unlimited talk nationwide, and more.

Consider Ringaro Telecom for Your VoIP Needs!

Ringaro Telecom is a local Ventura & LA company. We pride ourselves on offering our customers a white glove, top-notch VoIP service at unbeatable prices. To get a quote or learn more about how we can help your business, email us at, give us a call at 888-472-1177 or let us Quote You.

Or become a Channel Partner/Agent with Ringaro Telecom, offer our VoIP services and earn monthly residuals and monthly one time spiffs. The more you sell the more you earn. We offer unique pricing to our Channel Partners/Agents!